Winter on Repeat in April April 22, 2017 15:10

I may have jumped the gun on that last post about spring being here. Umm, not quite yet. We've had snow coming from the sky in 3 of the last 4 days and the temps hovering in low to mid 30s. So...we wait. I'm not putting the Christmas tree back up! I'll just keep dyeing things with spring and summer colors and'll get here and then we'll be complaining about black flies and mosquitoes. So, for now, we're bug free and I'm happy about that. 

Spring time is finally here! April 14, 2017 09:37

Here in the western mountains of Maine, spring takes its sweet time getting here. But I think we're on the way. Rain and daytime temps above freezing are making the snowpack reduce daily--and there's plenty of work to do there. Ice out on the lakes will be several weeks in the making. But a trip to the coast of Maine gives you that fast-forward to REAL spring! We overdress on those days we go to Augusta for shopping--we're still wearing boots and coats while down there it's 60 degrees and woman are wearing sandals and men are wearing shorts! All in due time, people will be wanting to be in Rangeley to escape the city heat. Enjoy the moment! Happy Spring!! 

Stella Savings - 20% discount til 3/25/17 March 16, 2017 15:52

Enter "StellaSavings2017" and get 20% off your scarf order until next weekend, March 25! Just making way for some new inventory. Hope you aren't still digging out from the storm! Happy Shopping!!!

Holiday Shopping Discount November 16, 2016 16:03

I'm joining in the shopping fray with a super discount on EVERYTHING on my website. Enter discount code "Grateful2016" and get 16% off your order from now through December 31st. This includes scarves, pillow cases, paintings, and...the brand new must-have accessory called "The Float". 

2016 Holiday Season Fast Approaches November 01, 2016 17:41

Wow, November 1st! The countdown begins... Follow me on FB to get first dibs on these luscious scarves. They make the most impressive gifts. I'll be hosting an online POP-UP show each week between now and Christmas! The way it works....I'll post a limited number of photos for a specific 24-hour period. If you want one, comment "SOLD" under the picture and I'll invoice you. When I get payment, the scarf will be shipped. Easy shopping!!! And FREE SHIPPING! See you there. 

Spring and Summer on the Way April 27, 2016 15:15

The peepers are peeping, there's no sign of any snow or ice left, the mud is drying up, and the daffodils are starting to bloom. The studio is busy creating new scarves for the summer season and new paintings for a gallery show to be held at River Arts in Damariscotta July 7-27. The title of the show is "Eyes Wide Open". It will feature framed work as well as a select group of scarves. 

I'm very excited about branching out into wall art pieces. I am headed to the Pacific Northwest to study with a master silk painter again in May. I did a few days in October and just had to come back for more! Stay tuned for more paintings on silk!

New Year 2016 January 13, 2016 15:55

Here we are halfway into the first month of the new year and lots of ideas are brewing. New projects are on the drawing board, new ideas for silk scarves, and new designs for framed art are on the front burners, so to speak. 

We are finally getting the sold and snow of a typical Maine winter...almost enough snow to go snowmobiling, enough for snowshoeing, but not enough ice on the lake yet to be safe for snowmobiling. Maybe by the end of the month or February sometime. 

Meanwhile, keeping the home fires burning (feeding the pellet stove!) and keeping busy in the studio.

Stay warm and buy silk scarves!

Approaching the Holidays November 05, 2015 15:31

As I write this, the weather is unseasonably warm and doesn't give us a hint that the freezing temps are right around the corner. But with only weeks til Thanksgiving, it's on its way! And with that comes the fun of the holidays, decorating, baking, gathering with friends and family. And here in Maine, you'd better really like those Christmas decorations you put outside because, more than likely, they'll be out there til you reach them again in April! With that in mind, we decorate with just a winter theme outside, which is nice when it gets dark so early, we have extra lights on outside that brighten up the place. It's busy here in the studio getting new pieces ready to put up on the website and fulfill holiday orders. Be sure to get your order in as early as possible to make sure you get your gifts before Christmas. I look forward to hearing from you all soon!

Why Tourists Come to Maine July 31, 2015 13:24

We are now at the height of the tourist season here in Maine. And for good reason. Blueberries are ripe, local produce is finally producing, the weather is PERFECT, the lake water has warmed to a swimmable temperature. And you get to wear you favorite sweatshirt sitting around the evening campfire or on the deck having cocktails. Ah, yes, this is the life. Hurry and enjoy it, because in only a matter of weeks the temps will...well, we'll just save that subject for another post. Go out and enjoy some of this awesome summer we're having right now! Hope to see you at one of the upcoming outdoor art/craft shows.

Real Maine Summer (Summah) July 14, 2015 15:07

It's finally summer here, highs in the 70s and lows in the high 50s, a hint of humidity, and the threat of thunderstorms in the afternoon. The breeze picks up pretty quickly after sunrise as the thermals start moving around from the lake to the mountains. I LOVE IT! I grew up in Maryland so I know about heat and humidity--glad to be done with that! 

I've got two shows under my belt and now I'm gearing up for three more in August. I hope they are good ones! Getting the word out about my wearable art is the main goal. I've handed out lots of rack cards, made some nice sales, and just hoping the trend continues.

Treat yourself to some wearable art. It makes you feel different, feel good, and classy and oh-so-special. I remember the first piece of wearable art I purchased--it was a handwoven hat with lovely embellishments. I ALWAYS got compliments on it, loved wearing it, the color was luscious and I felt like a million bucks and very fashionable when I wore it. Unfortunately, someone else (or fortunately for them!) is probably enjoying it now. It was lost a couple of years ago. 

I encourage you to expand your wardrobe and try a piece of wearable art. You can start right here! or come see them for yourself at one of the next events where we will be.

Public Debut for Fox Run Studios June 17, 2015 15:57

This weekend is my public debut at the Boothbay Windjammer Arts & Crafts Show. I'm nervous and excited to put my creations out there and, more importantly, get the feedback! I am taking 60 scarves with me, plus a collection of "small works" that are framed. Wish me luck!

Anticipation June 03, 2015 12:44

I have 2 1/2 weeks til my first show of the season. The anticipation is running high. I don't know what to expect as far as sales or what people like for designs, so I'm doing what I like to do, just dyeing as much silk as possible! 

Last week I sent 24 scarves out to sea aboard the Nova Star Cruise Ferry. I hope they are finding good homes and are traveling off the ship! I await news from the shop manager.

Not feeling badly about spending so much time in my studio because the weather has been not summer-like at all. Been wearing down jackets and having a fire in the woodstove the last few nights. It could prove to be one of those non-summers due to the El Nino effect. 

Hope to see you in Boothbay soon! Come say "Hi"!