Heirloom Wedding Scarf

The Original Heirloom Wedding Scarf 

This is guaranteed to be a very special heirloom that will be cherished for generations. Recalling the days of old, the scarf is designed with heraldic symbolism, family crests, and decorative flourishes. This one was used for a "handfast" ceremony included as part of a self-designed, non-traditional wedding ceremony. It is shown here with the bride's exquisite old-fashioned bouquet.


The bride and groom chose their family crests, one for each end, and then co-created a new family crest of their own to be featured in the middle of the scarf. The wedding date, bride and groom initials, and symbol of choice are included atop their own new family crest. Background and crest colors can be coordinated to match the wedding colors or other of their choosing.


The scarf is 14" x 72" and made of 8mm habotai silk, a lightweight china silk. With proper care, this silk will last for generations as a beautiful heirloom. Consider having color-coordinated scarves made for your bridesmaids as well.

Please contact me for a discussion about commissioning a wedding scarf for your ceremony. Lead time is a minimum of 10-12 weeks. There is some back-and-forth as the design process goes along and colors are confirmed, not to mention time for creation, etc. Photos here are courtesy of Vail Studio of Seattle. For more information about the history of the handfast ceremony click HERE.


It was a quiet, calm, foggy morning on the Puget Sound for Lindsay and Mitch at their romantic, early morning, waterfront ceremony.

Hand-dyed, one-of-a-kind scarves make spectacular bridesmaids and mothers' gifts as well. So many possibilities! I'm looking forward to talking to you about YOUR special wedding day!

UPDATE! Thank you if you've read this far! in 2017 I was a vendor partner with Real Maine Weddings. My part in this was to create a keepsake wedding scarf for Emily & John who were the winners of the RMW 2017. Knowing the color palette for their wedding helped as I created this very special 72 x 22 silk, hand-dyed scarf for them. It will probably be used as a bureau scarf or table runner. It could be used as a bed scarf as well. 

Emily and John see the scarf for the first time!

Displayed above the place card table at their reception.

Shown for closer inspection!


A glimpse of the beautiful wedding decor that the scarf coordinated so well with--and this wasn't planned! Imagine what we could do with a plan! Here's what I based my design on: I knew that Emily and John loved hiking and the woods; I knew that the color theme for the wedding was going to be greens and browns--au naturel! That the scarf ended up fitting in so perfectly was truly amazing. I know they will cherish it as a wonderful wedding keepsake. I'm ready to design one for you!