Heirloom Wedding Scarf

The Original Heirloom Wedding Scarf 

In 2017 I was a vendor partner with Real Maine Weddings. My part in this was to create a keepsake wedding scarf for Emily & John who were the winners of the RMW 2017. Knowing the color palette for their wedding helped as I created this very special 72 x 22 silk, hand-dyed scarf for them. It will probably be used as a bureau scarf or table runner. It could also be used as a bed scarf. 

Emily and John see the scarf for the first time!

Displayed above the place card table at their reception.

Shown for closer inspection!


A glimpse of the beautiful wedding decor that the scarf coordinated so well with--and this wasn't planned! Imagine what we could do with a plan! Here's what I based my design on: I knew that Emily and John loved hiking and the woods; I knew that the color theme for the wedding was going to be greens and browns--au naturel! That the scarf ended up fitting in so perfectly was truly amazing. I know they will cherish it as a wonderful wedding keepsake. I'm ready to design one for you!

Hand-dyed, one-of-a-kind scarves make spectacular bridesmaids and mothers-of-the-bride/groom gifts as well. So many possibilities! I'm looking forward to talking to you about YOUR special wedding day!