new website format

new website format

I've neglected my website for too long! I finally took a break from the silk studio and resigned myself to updating the website. I expect there will be some kinks to work out over the next few weeks. I wanted it to look fresh for the upcoming holiday season--which is TOO fast approaching! As a one-woman show, it's up to me to do ALL aspects of this business. Most of it I enjoy, but I'll be honest, mousing around trying to figure out layout of a website is not in my top ten!

So, the bulk of it is done, I hope. Back to the silk studio to keep creating yummy silks for you to gift or treat yourself. They are so worth it. Especially my "Activity Scarf"'s the all purpose, wear it every day to do anything scarf. I love mine and wear them, literally, every single day...and most days inside too. 

Keep tabs on new work on my Instagram channel. I'm learning how to do reels to keep the engagement up on the platform. The way of the world....

I hope you will include a Carol Sullivan silk in your holiday gifting. Enjoy the upcoming holidays. I hope I hear from you! 


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