Summer is Winding Down

The leaves have started changing here in the western mountains of Maine. The light has changed--fall is coming. I's not even September. This always urges me on to squeeze the most out of what's left of summer! We have had a relatively rainy and very buggy summer. But finally, this last week of August, we have perfect weather and no bugs. I love the change of seasons here. It means there's something different to experience outside, different foods to prepare, fires to be be built, wood to be stacked, and colors to revel in as they change literally by the day. Nature's paintbrush gets a workout!

I'm using this as a cue to change my color palette on my silks as well. My hands are stained with magenta, red, orange, and yellow as I dye silk scarves for the upcoming shows in Wells (Laudholm Preserve, Sept 9/10) and at Sugarloaf Homecoming (Oct 7/8).

I have not loaded my website with my recent creations since I'm saving them for the shows. After October, I'll be working on new inventory for the holiday season and the website will be updated on a regular basis. But don't hesitate to contact me if you see something you like on IG (carolsullivan_silkartist) or FB . That's where you'll find pics of the latest pieces coming off my frames in the studio! Enjoy the rest of your summer!

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