Contemplating New Techniques

Carol Sullivan

Tags maine, sand dye, silk scarf, snow dyeing

I'm going to bring home some salty sand from the Outer Banks. Using salt for special effects with dye is a well-known thing. Snow dyeing is also a technique, pouring dye over a pile of snow with the fabric underneath. I'm going to try to combine these two techniques and see what happens. Sprinkle it, pile it, draw designs in it and use it as a "resist", hmmmmm....the possibilities. I love experimenting!  

One Spring Day

Carol Sullivan

Tags hand painted, hand-dyed, maine, rangeley, silk scarves, spring, sunny

Oh, yes...58 degrees and sunny. We got one!

Spreading the Love

Carol Sullivan

Tags Archipelago, Island Institute, Maine, Rockland, silk scarves

I'm pleased to announce that my hand-dyed silk scarves have been chosen by the fine folks at Archipelago, The Island Institute Store, in Rockland, Maine! We'll be delivering the first batch to them in time for Mother's Day. Thank you, Archipelago!

New Website for Fox Run Studios

Carol Sullivan

Many of you may already know how time consuming it is to create a website. I'd so rather be in my studio creating more beautiful silks and working with new techniques and ideas than pushing a mouse around all day! It's exhausting instead of exhilarating. But, alas, one of those necessary evils in life these days!  So, here it is. Ready to shop, browse, and contact me if you have comments, questions, special interests for a commission. I'd love to hear from you. My picture is strictly wishful thinking...soon spring WILL be here, I just know it will! "I believe...