I have 2 1/2 weeks til my first show of the season. The anticipation is running high. I don't know what to expect as far as sales or what people like for designs, so I'm doing what I like to do, just dyeing as much silk as possible!  Last week I sent 24 scarves out to sea aboard the Nova Star Cruise Ferry. I hope they are finding good homes and are traveling off the ship! I await news from the shop manager. Not feeling badly about spending so much time in my studio because the weather has been not...

Seafaring Scarves

My scarves are about to hit the high seas! They will be aboard the Nova Star Ferry ship that goes from Portland, Maine to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia (and back!) from June to October--80,000 people. Now THAT's exposure! Delivery is Thursday--they are getting a display unit and 24 scarves to fill 'er up! I will post pics on the Fox Run FB page just for fun!

Summer's Coming...Fast!

It's been a busy couple of weeks working to fulfill orders for retail accounts. I'm really looking forward to summer shows. You can see my schedule of where I'll be right here at This will be my first real foray out in to the big, wide world with me accompanying my product. The feedback will be invaluable. I hope for good weather and no tents getting blown over! Back to the studio to create more stock! See you at the shows.

Back to production

I hit the ground running this week after a nice vacation time. It's now time to get the creativity ramped up to build stock for summer shows and some orders that came in while I was away. Good to be back home in my studio! The weather has been dry so it looks like we skipped mud season once again this year. Hoping that means the bug season will be less than vigorous as well!

Color Therapy

Working on a nice colorful scarf today as "color therapy" since we were blanketed with that fluffy white stuff once again last night. We've had about a foot of fresh snow in the past week. It IS April 9th today...but next week temps will be in the 50s every day. Let's not talk about the "liquid snow" that will be falling then. :-}