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The “Activity Scarf” Dark Rose - hand-dyed silk scarf - $125

The “Activity Scarf” Dark Rose - hand-dyed silk scarf - $125

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The “Activity Scarf” that I debuted in 2021 has proven to be incredibly popular! This is a 44” square of lightweight silk designed to be worn all the time for any of your outdoor activities, walking the dog, going for a run/jog/walk, XC skiing, downhill skiing, snowmobiling, doing errands, or just getting from here to to the coffee pot from the couch, but elegant enough to wear out to dinner. It’s crinkled on purpose to maintain more heat in the folds. It washes up in a jiffy and dries even faster. When you don’t need it, roll it up in a ball and stuff it in your pocket, your purse, the glove compartment, or where ever. Nothing fancy here, just beautiful color to brighten up your day and your mood! Confession...I wear mine a lot (like, EVERY DAY!) even when I’m inside because it’s Maine!!! Its diversity is brilliant. This burgundy/dark rose one is in stock and ready to ship. 

Find me on IG @carolsullivan_silkartist for all the latest. 


Silk and non-toxic permanent silk dyes

Shipping & Returns

Shipping in the US is generally via Priority USPS.

All sales are final on these one-of-a-kind wearable art pieces.


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Care Instructions

Hand wash in warm water with a delicate soap. There will likely be color escaping. Swish it a few times and be sure not to let it sit. Add a splash of white vinegar to rinse water. Rinse again. Hang to dry. Press with steam.

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