Real Maine Summer (Summah)

It's finally summer here, highs in the 70s and lows in the high 50s, a hint of humidity, and the threat of thunderstorms in the afternoon. The breeze picks up pretty quickly after sunrise as the thermals start moving around from the lake to the mountains. I LOVE IT! I grew up in Maryland so I know about heat and humidity--glad to be done with that! 

I've got two shows under my belt and now I'm gearing up for three more in August. I hope they are good ones! Getting the word out about my wearable art is the main goal. I've handed out lots of rack cards, made some nice sales, and just hoping the trend continues.

Treat yourself to some wearable art. It makes you feel different, feel good, and classy and oh-so-special. I remember the first piece of wearable art I purchased--it was a handwoven hat with lovely embellishments. I ALWAYS got compliments on it, loved wearing it, the color was luscious and I felt like a million bucks and very fashionable when I wore it. Unfortunately, someone else (or fortunately for them!) is probably enjoying it now. It was lost a couple of years ago. 

I encourage you to expand your wardrobe and try a piece of wearable art. You can start right here! or come see them for yourself at one of the next events where we will be.

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