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2016 Holiday Season Fast Approaches

Wow, November 1st! The countdown begins... Follow me on FB to get first dibs on these luscious scarves. They make the most impressive gifts. I'll be hosting an online POP-UP show each week between now and Christmas! The way it works....I'll post a limited number of photos for a specific 24-hour period. If you want one, comment "SOLD" under the picture and I'll invoice you. When I get payment, the scarf will be shipped. Easy shopping!!! And FREE SHIPPING! See you there. 

Spring and Summer on the Way

Spring and Summer on the Way

The peepers are peeping, there's no sign of any snow or ice left, the mud is drying up, and the daffodils are starting to bloom. The studio is busy creating new scarves for the summer season and new paintings for a gallery show to be held at River Arts in Damariscotta July 7-27. The title of the show is "Eyes Wide Open". It will feature framed work as well as a select group of scarves.  I'm very excited about branching out into wall art pieces. I am headed to the Pacific Northwest to study with a master silk painter again...

Approaching the Holidays

As I write this, the weather is unseasonably warm and doesn't give us a hint that the freezing temps are right around the corner. But with only weeks til Thanksgiving, it's on its way! And with that comes the fun of the holidays, decorating, baking, gathering with friends and family. And here in Maine, you'd better really like those Christmas decorations you put outside because, more than likely, they'll be out there til you reach them again in April! With that in mind, we decorate with just a winter theme outside, which is nice when it gets dark so early,...